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Engagement | Jersey in Sight | Marine & Sébastien

Granville – Normandie – France Engagement Session –  August 2017 Marine & Sébastien “The big day for the next morning and Tim suggested to have this “Day Before”this late afternoon. It was so fabulous to be just the two of us, just outside this whirlwind that last wedding arrangements can be. There was only us, the sea and …the cold weather! A nice Cold normand weather! But what a perfect moment that was right before THE day. Tim has been perfect. He guided us just what we needed to still be ourselves, on our own. He knew what to say or do to relax us, make ourselves confortable, which is something that could be tough to achieve on the day prior to your own wedding. Take our words for it! But today, we look at these pictures, remembering this intimate moment and hoping that many couples that are about to get married will be lucky enough to be so well taken care of”   I’ve met Marine & Sébastien for their wedding at the townhall in Lyon in March. It was over the cliffs of Granville in Normandy that I met them for their “Day Before”. It was definitely pretty […]

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Lofoten Islands | Norway | Travels

Lofoten Islands – Norway Personal –  March 2017 The Northern Beauties When a couple of friends suggests a trip to the Lofoten Islands, up north in Norway, you should not hesitate for one second. And that’s what we did and we are grateful. This Destination was on our list since a while ago with Sigo and now Here We Are! Snow, sharp summits diving into the freezing clear water, Stockfish hanging everywhere and these small fishermen red houses called “rorbuer”. The discovery of these island has been a delightful experience. Finishing up with the sight of this mystical phenomena of the Northern Lights. What A Sight! We wish everyone we met since to see these dancing greeny lights once in your life time. What a beautiful piece of land far deep in the ocean. Don’t hesitate, book your tickets. If you still need to be convinced, here is a small selection of  the marvelous 10 days above the Arctic Polar circle. Tip: bring your snowshoes, you will be able to reach points that you cannot otherwise. We wish we had these…. damn we will need to go back there once! Sigo & Tim – Here We Are

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Issy’s the love | Wedding | Claire & Thomas
November 02, 2017 by Tim Mirabaud In France, On film, Paris, Wedding 0 Comments

Claire & Thomas Issy – France Wedding –  April 2017 When one of your closest friends ask you to be his best man and also to take pictures of the town hall ceremony, here is the results. Have a look at how happy these two are looking !? Few month ago, while they were living in Marseille,  They were in front of my camera. Battling the Mistral wind, this sunset session was fun all along. You can find the photos here!   On Film

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Amsterdam on the Canals | Love | Alizée & Armand

Alizée & Armand Amsterdam – The Netherlands Love Session –  April 2017 “We wanted some pictures in the middle of these famous canals in Amsterdam. Quite a difficult scenery and a nice challenge for Tim, but he took it up with patience and talent! We are very happy with our session and these pictures are really beautiful! Caring about our wishes, very professional and always with the right word to make ourselves comfortable, Tim made our first real experience in front of a camera a great moment!”

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