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  • Tim Mirabaud

    Photo © Céline Chhuon

    Tim Mirabaud

    Photo © Céline Chhuon

About me

Maybe I wish I was able to tell you that I made Photojournalism studies. Or I am a graduate from the French National School of Photography. But no, no I am an engineer. Seriously an engineer! And believe me, there at least a whole universe between Photography and Engineering sciences. Perhaps, this universe reduces when we talk about Optical laws or  image physics… but, after all, isn’t it a good start for a nice picture?


So yes, I am an engineer. I wasn’t born in a family of artists. But when I received my first camera, I got the envy to know how to use this thing! How to do great photos with it! Transposing on paper (always print out your work), what I find beautiful right in front of me. Capturing it through all the lenses and sensor ( Or an old (good) film roll). Family, Friends, Lyon, Paris, the other side of Earth, rocky landscapes, these blue hours right before sunrise on one of ours travels. Well, everything is a good reason to take a picture. So I am learning, reading, looking, trying to improve but not as much as I could like, changing, investing, refining, so I could, or hope to, make my pictures better and better… So they could make me, and you, travel. Even better! Tell a nice story while travelling.

So Here We Are...

Here We Are

  Following our own wedding, two things happened:

First was that we were lucky enough to realize a long-thought project that we had in mind for years. Travelling abroad for some times, discovering everything single day something new. It ends up with 6 beautiful months travelling around the world! These happy days which today feel like it was in another life, full with memories and unforgettable instants in one of these most beautiful places on Earth. And every day, this camera of mine was with us.(sigo-et-tim.com).

Second was to have met these talented photographers (hello Bubblerock) so they could cover our wedding. They did capture every single moment, every single emotions of the beautiful day. With their pictures, this unforgettable moment surround by our family and friends just goes back to life. But beyond that, we ended up winning two friends who gave me this nice little push to launch this new adventure today.

So I jumped! And here I am! I am continuing to learn at each shot. The room for improvement is infinite! Actually, this is also something I like about photography, its absolute infinity. And this is with you! You who are reading this words that I want to evolve! Offering my photographic universe to capture your desires and emotions.

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